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7th Edition •  March 15, 2018

Q&A | Brandon's Health Update - Part 2

Hello MMCM family,

Today, I wanted to finish the Q&A about my story through suffering that was recently released based on the video project titled: Sweetly Broken: Lessons I’ve Learned in Suffering. If you missed that video and/or the first half of this Q&A, I would invite you to check both of them out prior to proceeding:

  1. Watch Sweetly Broken: Lessons I’ve Learned in Suffering on YouTube here
  2. Read first half of the my Health Q&A here

Without further ado, let’s jump into the second half of the Q&A:

1. Are you angry at the chiropractor?
I can honestly say that I have not spent a single day over the past 6 years with a one iota of anger towards the chiropractor. Not one millisecond. But before you deem me as "especially holy", know that I struggled with many other human emotions. Earlier on this journey, I would struggle with tremendous sadness, depression, doubt, fear, guilt, and painful discouragement. Just not the anger piece. Nevertheless, not having anger was and is definitely a gift from God. I’m thankful.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?
The typical day begins early around 6:20am. This is where I begin the arduous 1 hour process of getting my body to actually move and work after being in bed all night. Then I assist Jillian by prepping the kids for school. I say goodbye to her as she then heads to work. After that, I pray with my kids; and then ensure they get on their morning bus safely down the street. Then my parents prepare my breakfast. After eating, I have devotion & prayer time. Then Bible study. After that, various walking and physical exercises...then a small break where I typically watch ESPN. Then I work on Making Much of Christ Ministries; including various Skype meetings and content producing sessions. After that, I prep the homework stations for my kids. Immediately following, I usually have a meeting or two with someone I’m either discipling or professionally coaching. Once the kids get home, we have snack and off to homework we proceed. Before you know it, it’s family time and then dinner. However, I’m often resting during a portion of that zone. My body simply can’t hold itself up the entire day without serious ramifications. After resting, I try to consistently have individual time with my wife...and then finally my last Skype conference call meetings. If it’s not me and Jillian’s movie night, I usually end the night with my Resolve and Release mediations in the late late evenings. That’s a “typical” day. However, twice week, I now spend 4 hours a day serving the staff at the local church I attend. And twice week, I spend significant time at a physical therapy clinic. Obviously the weekends bring more variety as well.

3. What sort of activities can you do? 
As presented previously, I spend significant time reading, content producing, discipling, and meditating. Those are pretty consistent. As far as playing cards, or other types of recreational activities; I don’t yet have the freedom to do that much— not without increasing a lot of pain. However, I find creative ways to engage recreationally. I’ve always had a wild imagination; so creating fun moments with the kids and Jillian happens frequently. 

4. How is Jillian dealing with all this?
I thought very deeply about this question. I think the most important responses is this: I’d Ask Her. Jillian would be more than willing to share her perspective. You can always email her right here. She’s pretty busy as well, so please allow for her to choose between responding by email or phone call. However, from my perspective, I believe she’s doing extremely well balancing the tension between sorrow and joy. Our family has real sorrows. We don’t deny them or try to minimize them. But if you hang out with us for a night, you’ll see a lot of laughter and joy as well.

5. How are the kids dealing with all this?
I think Jillian would agree that our kids could not do much better than they are...considering their age. A few years ago, it was much harder on my son in particular, but they both are learning to walk by faith for their dad’s healing. But this is one of those sorrow places for sure. My son longs for me to be more physically active with him, teach him basketball stuff, go camping etc. And what daughter doesn’t desire her dad to swoop her up in his arms and hold her tight as a blanket of safety. Don’t feel sorry for them though. My kids are incredibly blessed beyond measure; more than most. However, please do join us in prayer for my continued recovery. They want that more than anything and their prayer life and requests reflect that.  

6. What’s the hardest part about your situation?
My answer has matured from year to year. Some aspects that were hard years ago are not as challenging today. Yet things I found easy in the beginning have become more difficult today. It would take the length of a book to do this question any justice. So I’ll have to modify the question to include the word “current.” So for this platform, I would briefly say that the hardest part currently about my situation is having a wells deep amount of experience (thus understanding) of God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy. To experience incredible intimacy with Christ and to be constrained in my ability to fully live out what God has put in me is the HARDEST part these days. There’s so much pain in this world. It’s like I have the cure; but the tire to my diesel truck is flat and I can’t transport this glorious cargo to the people that need it most. Not to its fullest capacity anyway. That’s really hard and often sobering. 

7. Any final thoughts you want to share with the readers today?
Sure. This week I was greatly impacted by a passage of scripture I’ve probably read 70 times. It’s never meant much to me until this week. God bursted glorious truth out of it and I want to share it with you today. So I would encourage anyone who has the read Mark 2:1. I would like to encourage you to think deeply about the reality that Jesus had His own home! The implications and applications of this verse are truly far-reaching! 

In conclusion, I would say that I’m experiencing slow yet thorough healing as I edge towards eternity. This is definitely true emotionally and spirituality. The physical piece is tortoise-like in speed, but didn’t the tortoise too eventually win the race in the end? 

Loving you with all my heart...more than you know

Brandon K. Rachal
Founder. President. Content Author. 

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